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I grew up in a little coal mining town in Utah. My mom loved sewing and taught me to sew when I was very young. I believe I was about 12 when I took my first attempt at sewing a more advanced and extreme item, I have never been a do it the easy way kind of person. I decided  to sew a basket of kittens. Needless to say it didn't turn out that great. I learned that tiny kittens have tiny ears that well didn't look to much like ears when I finished. I didn't give up though. Towards the middle/end of my  Jr. year in High school my parents went through a divorce and it left my mom financially strained and so I spent the summer making about 90% of my high school wardrobe and from there kept on sewing. I found that I preferred sewing more of the Home decor items. I loved making blankets especially and giving them away as gifts. As a Teen in High school I learned how to make Quillow's and it was a lot of fun. I can't count all the Quillow's I've made in my life. 

When I was about 35 I was going through a very stressful time in my life, My mom sent me to Joann's to grab fabric for one of her projects and The thought came to me on how I really wanted to make a quilt, I'd never made a quilt before and didn't to begin. Well with the fishing fabric that struck me, I had a vision in my head and I needed to make it a reality, I called my mom up and said how much fabric do I need to make a king sized quilt she roughly told me not even knowing my design or how many fabrics no details at all. I picked up a large amount of fabric and left. I had to get graph paper and put this idea on it. I spent the next few days designing and drawing my first quilt, it was amazing it slowed my mind and made me focus and calmed my stress I was going through, and I knew I needed to become a quilter.

In the Fall of 2015 I had bought fabric for my daughters room for christmas, I was making curtains and pillow cases and a blanket for her to add her personality to her space, I was very excited to make these items and surprise her. I was able to get it all finished it took a bit and she didn't understand why on Christmas eve she had to spend the day at grandma's instead of home with me but I pulled it off and she had her room decor for Christmas morning. 

In 2019 Casie's Creations and More LLC was born, I've had a lot of trial and error learning how to do all this. Learning how to start my business and how to make it legally official and what to do in it. Sometimes those growing pains are the best they teach us so much not just about taxes, merchant services, shipping and retail pricing but about who we really are what we are passionate about and what we truly want out of life and have to offer. 

To me its amazing in life the things we learn to do when we have the drive behind it. When we light the fire of passion we can accomplish so much. We can bring in joy when we are doing what we love. I've made tons of blankets, baby blankets, burp rags and pillows, Quilts and clothes, I decided it was time to flourish my talents and share them with the world through my boutique. 

Here in the Dragonfly Gypsy Boutique by Casie's Creations and More LLC you can find very unique items, crafted by Casie filled with love and passion in every stitch, You will feel that energy in everything she does. From Table runners to crafted wall decor. I love my business and bringing joy to you, as my customer is one of my greatest accomplishments and brings joy back to me. I hope you will follow me along my journey of boutique owner and seamstress.

Pictured is My first quilt I designed and made.

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