Smudge Stick

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Smudge Stick-Handmade with Bursera graveolens known in Spanish as Palo Santo, a wild native tree from Ecuador.

Wrapped in locally grown Sage, other local dried herbs, dried flowers and 100% Cotton thread.  

Top uses include: Cleansing, Energy, Inspiration and Healing. Energy Cleansing, Energetic Protection, Removal of Negativity, Inspire Creativity, Deeper Connection, Mood Enhancer, Meditation, Purification and Tranquility.  

Smoke cleansing or smudging is used world wide, using a variety of herbs, wood and incense. Smoke cleansing can be used to clear a room, item or person of negative energy. Smudging is a Native American ritual used as protection and offering of prayer while speaking with the gods.  

Flowers and herbs vary by small-batch.

All assembled and wrapped by hand.  These make beautiful gifts for any occasion, wedding favors and a nice addition to any room and or office space.  Size- 4"-6" in length, may vary per small batch.  

These do not come with any stones and or crystals.
Made in United States of America