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Oversized Flannel Shirt

Posted by Casie Andrews on

Oversized Flannel Shirt

Plaid, Flannel shirts are fun to wear and so versatile. An outfit can be done up in so many ways. Go casual, wear unbuttoned with an accenting t-shirt underneath, Roll up those sleeves. Button it up, tuck it in and throw a scarf around the neck or pair it with a pencil skirt and blouse for a more professional look, throw on sneakers or wedge sneakers, pair it with shorts for a cute fall look. Layer under a sweater or pair with a vest. Wear with comfy pants and your house shoes to hang out at home. 

 Going for a hike grab your flannel and add the layers, pair with your hiking boots, wrap it around your waist when it gets hot. Make sure you have multiple color's and thickness of flannel in your space. Grab those flannel Shackets for a cooler day. 

What's not to love about flannel? I feel its one of the top items to have in my closet for Fall and winter. When wanting a versatile piece of clothing this is definitely it.

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